Guiding the Next Generation to Thrive and Build Continued Success for Your Family Legacy

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Guiding the Next Generation to Thrive and Build Continued Success for Your Family Legacy

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It is human nature to want to leave a legacy that lasts far beyond the allotted days in our life. We hope our children and grandchildren will cherish our memories. Still, we also want to provide a lasting guide to achieving happiness, and financial stability, allowing for a remarkable life for our children. The lessons Cliff teaches should begin in childhood and continue as they grow into young self-sufficient, confident adults. This desire is the same, whatever our financial status. We benefit from years of experience and success behind us. Our success is not an accident; it’s a thoughtful plan. Without the life lessons, passing along wealth will not lead to positive and responsible young adults.

Creating and maintaining a lasting legacy includes the values, ethics, and business acumen that you leave etched into the hearts and souls of your loved ones. The memorable family stories from earlier generations should be shared and intertwined to become part of the legacy you leave.

I work with my clients on a process of creating and maintaining a legacy to last for generations. After 40 years as a successful serial entrepreneur, having founded and sold three successful businesses, including his last company, which was sold to a Fortune 500 corporation, Cliff became a Personal Lifestyle Executive Business Coach and is on several Board of Directors.

Cliff explains how to build a solid foundation for your children beginning at an early age. Married 35 years to a loving, supportive wife, and as the father of three wonderfully independent young adults, Cliff takes you through lessons learned over the years as to how generational wealth can be maintained only if the work ethic, values, and philanthropic endeavors that created this legacy are also passed down to the younger generation. Cliff gives practical, implementable ideas for you and your children to practice together.

Creating a legacy for future generations takes forethought, planning, and dedication. The keys to creating and maintaining your legacy and generational wealth are waiting for you!

Cliff K. Locks Bio:

Cliff K. Locks brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Chief Learning and Succession Officer for family enterprises. As a highly respected Professional Coach and serial entrepreneur, he has a proven track record of helping executives and business leaders achieve their goals and realize their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.

Through his one-on-one mentoring services, Cliff helps his clients develop leadership, lifestyle, executive, and business skills that are tailored to their unique needs and those of their families. His approach is designed to help his clients achieve their goals and create a better future for themselves and their families.

In his role as Chief Learning and Succession Officer, Cliff is dedicated to assisting families in building their leadership and communication capabilities through personalized education plans and executive mentoring. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of the unique dynamics of family businesses, he empowers families to develop effective communication, leadership, and decision-making skills among the next generation of leaders. Participants will receive 2 Executive Mentoring Sessions, with the option to extend the mentoring relationship.

Learning Chapters: 10

Program Length: 1 hour, 8 minutes.

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Here are some potential benefits or values that a mentoring session offer:

1. Integrating Family into the Family Business: Smooth transition strategies for balancing business and familial relationships.

2. Communication is Key: Enhance communication skills for building strong relationships and navigating conflicts.

3. Understanding the Different Generations: Recognize different values and attitudes for better relationships and effective communication.

4. Mastering a Multi-generational Family Business: Develop leadership skills for managing and motivating team members of different generations.

5. The Risk of Not Maintaining Familial Relationships: Importance of maintaining strong familial relationships and risks of not doing so.

6. Blending Your Values with Your Children’s: Strategies for blending values to build a strong family and business culture.

7. Your Children’s Role in the Business: Identifying appropriate roles and preparing children for future responsibilities.

8. The Benefits of Early Childhood Assessments: Understanding the benefits of assessments for children's future development.

9. Lean into Change: Adapting to changing circumstances and trends for staying competitive and relevant.

10. Teaching the Value of Goal Setting: Developing goal-setting strategies and teaching its value to the next generation.

11. Goal Setting Exercise: Practical exercises for setting and achieving family business goals.

12. Philanthropic Endeavors and the Importance of Philanthropy in Your Family’s Life: Developing a philanthropic strategy and understanding its importance.

13. Philanthropy as a Sustainable Means of Success: Making philanthropy a sustainable means of success with effective giving and measuring impact.

14. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Generational Wealth: Understanding common pitfalls and developing strategies to avoid them for long-term success.

15. Preventing Pitfalls: Planning for identifying and preventing potential pitfalls, including succession planning and risk management.

16. Commit to the Mission: Developing a shared mission and vision for the family business for greater success and unity.

17. The Benefits of Working in a Family Business: Recognizing unique benefits and leveraging them for greater success.

18. You Must Prioritize Family: Balancing work and family life and prioritizing family relationships.

19. Managing your Family Dynamics: Managing complex family dynamics, including conflicts and communication breakdowns.

20. Wealth Transition and Succession Planning: Planning for transitioning wealth and leadership to the next generation, including legal and financial considerations.


By prioritizing family relationships and developing a shared mission, families can achieve long-term success. Understanding and avoiding the common pitfalls of generational wealth, developing a philanthropic strategy, and preparing for crisis management can also help ensure success. Mentoring for the next generation can help prepare them for their future responsibilities, develop their strengths, and teach them the value of goal setting.


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